Spring 2021 Season Announcement

Dear ABASA soccer community,

Thank you to those of you who chose to donate your spring 2020 fees to the local nonprofits My Daddy Taught Me That and My Sistah Taught Me That–for whom we raised over $1,100 dollars. Thank you, also, to those of you who chose to leave your fees with ABASA for field development, scholarships, and future programming.

I am excited to announce that we have a tentative start date for the spring season: we hope to be able to begin play March 5, 2021. We are excited to be able to offer a league that will provide quality Asheville soccer and also abide by state and local health guidelines. We are extremely disappointed not to be able to offer you soccer this fall, but a significant portion of the board felt that we would not be able to offer a satisfactory soccer experience. By the time that we had the approval of state and local authorities, holding a fall season would have been cost-prohibitive and possibly dangerous considering the current COVID data and a lack of resources to dedicate to oversight and enforcement. Therefore, we’ll be focusing our efforts on offering the best possible spring season. Please expect registration information at the end of January, and we’ll send out a survey at least two weeks before that to gauge interest and preferences.  

ABASA players do have an opportunity to play in the State Cup tournament over the weekend of Dec. 5-6 in Winston Salem. Please contact us for additional information and administrative support.

Thank you for your patience with us as we navigate this whole new craziness and do our best to keep our players and their families safe. I’m so very sorry that we’re not playing soccer right now. I personally miss it very much and have no doubt you feel the same way. Email me back with your feedback and questions.

Please pass this along to your teammates. Thanks.

Felice Lopez Bell