Top Ranking Teams for Sportsmanship – Fall 2015

ABASA Sportsmanship Winners Fall 2015

Open 1st division:

1st: Wizards FC

2nd: FC Barcelona

3rd: Greenman

Open 2nd division:

1st: Smush Red

2nd: Smush White

3rd: WSC Ale House

Open 3rd division:

1st: Barley’s

2nd: Beardsplitters

3rd: Bier Garden

Open 4th division:

1st: Stumptown FC

2nd: Wizards Maroon

3rd: Buxton St. Brewers

Coed 1st division:

1st: Rootbar

2nd: Foot Rx

3rd: Frienemies

Coed 2nd division:

1st: Town Pump

2nd: Bier Garden

3rd: Watershed/My Father’s Pizza

Coed 3rd division:

1st: One World

2nd: Nimble

3rd: Sporting Appalachian Coffee


1st: (tie) Bier Garden and Greenman

2nd: Bee’s Knees

3rd: Universal Joint

Over-40 1st division:

1st: Wizards Fusion

2nd: WSC Pisgah Brewing

3rd: Spoccer/Foot Rx

Over-40 2nd division:

1st: Spoccer Mutts

2nd: Blue Ridge United

3rd: WSC Red Radishes

You can download a copy of the results here