Top Ranking Teams for Sportsmanship – Spring 2016

ABASA Spring 2016 Sportsmanship Winners

The following teams were ranked in the top 3 of each division according to (1) the season’s card count, (2) weekly sportsmanship scores in the match reports, and (3) end-of-season sportsmanship rankings in the SIP (sportsmanship incentive program). Captains, you will receive an email in the next week with more details about your team’s sportsmanship score. Please congratulate these teams and captains on a great season!

The first place winner in each division receives a “free play” pass for one play for the fall season.

Open Premier

  1. Wizards Blue

  2. Wizards FC

  3. PMC United

Open 1st

  1. Smush White

  2. Wolf Pack

  3. Spoccer Sentinels

Open 2nd

  1. Bier Garden

  2. Spoccer United

  3. Beardsplitters

Open 3rd

  1. Watershed Dark City

  2. Asheville United

  3. Roadrunners FC

Open 4th

  1. New Belgium

  2. Buxton Street Brewers/One World/Wizards Maroon (tie)

  3. Watershed Ale House

Over-40 1st

  1. Wizards Fusion

  2. Watershed Pisgah Brewing

  3. Spoccer Foot RX

Over-40 2nd

  1. Blue Ridge United

  2. Spoccer Mutts

  3. Rangers FC


  1. Bier Garden Strikers

  2. Spoccer Sirens

  3. Smush

Coed 1st

  1. Root Bar

  2. Frienemies

  3. Latinos/Smush Coed (tie)

Coed 2nd

  1. Bier Garden

  2. One World Brewing

  3. Hellbenders

Coed 3rd

  1. Hi-Wire Brewing

  2. Nimble FC

  3. Sporting Appalachian Coffee