Adidas/ABASA Partnership

ABASA Coaches, Managers, Players and Fans:

As our relationship with Adidas continues to mature, individual teams within ABASA will now have the ability and opportunity to put their designed gear with their own team logos on the ABASA/Adidas website for sale to their individual teams/clubs.  To begin this process, please follow the below directions:

  • Each club (or individual team) should set up an Adidas  Mi -Team personal website.  
  • To do this, go to the upper right hand corner, click on “My Account,”  if you have never set up an account, choose “Register” and make sure the username and password is something other teams in your club, or individuals who you want to assign access, can be provided.  
  • Once your Mi-Team acct is created, you can customize gear.  There is a subset of just Soccer gear under the main headings.  Once you have customized an item, on the right hand side of the item saved in your Mi-Team page, there is an icon/link to “Share.”  Please share your design with, who is our Adidas rep.  VERY IMPORTANT – please make sure in your Subject line, you indicate this is for the Asheville ABASA custom website.
  • An example can be found at, ie…Asheville Wizards FC apparel. 

You can save and customize many products and choose to only add a couple of items for individual purchase or, put many items on.  Remember though, A MINIMUM of 5 orders IS REQUIRED for any custom order.  That includes styles, for example:  Men, Women, Child (Each order would need 5 items, minimum, for order to be placed).  Lastly, custom orders take a minimum of 45 days to create and get delivered by Adidas, sometimes more, so plan ahead.

For INDIVIDUAL ORDERS, please go to  

The current order period will end on Friday, July 10th.  Any orders created and submitted prior to that date will not be processed until the catalog closes on July 10th.  You can expect to receive your custom items about 45 days post July 10th

As our relationship continues to develop, more “periods to order” will be in place and we will communicate that out to you.  If you have any questions please contact Jono Starr at