Inclement Weather / Cancellations

Inclement Weather / Cancellations

It happens every season but we do our best to reschedule any and all games when cancellations happen due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


We try to make the call during the day and will email the leagues and captains, as well as posting in our Announcements section on our site, as well as our social media outlets. The referee has final call on canceling games at game time, or within the duration of a match. 

Youth Games:

ABYSA will from time to time cause us a cancellation, change in schedule or change in field assignment.  We try to give a 48 hour notice whenever possible, but sometimes it is a day-of decision, so please always check our site for the latest!


Every so often the referee(s) will “no-show”. This is not a case of being unprofessional, but almost always the product of a last minute schedule change. In this event please have your Captain call your team’s Division Rep at once to report the absence. In most cases, a referee crew can be diverted or appointed to your match within the 20 minutes, as it’s usually just a case of incorrect field assignments. Ed Guzowski (head referee) can also be reached at, in the event your Division Rep can not be reached.