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Throwback FC
Summit FC Cowboy Poets


Outgoing President // Pub League Rep

Jono transplanted to Asheville in 2010 and immediately found ‘home’ in the ABASA community.  He is a small business owner of a Boutique Recruitment firm specializing in the Manufacturing Industry, but soccer is his true passion.  He has played all his life and had the benefit of coaching many levels while in NY. Jono shares the mission of raising the bar for competitive Adult soccer in Western North Carolina and strives to align personal goals with the Association’s desire to be a positive impact on our surrounding community. As the President, Jono worked tirelessly to maintain & manage all activity and play for ABASA, while coordinating with Parks & Recreation,  ABYSA’s busy schedule and the Referee association.

Jono can be reached using the form below, for matters concerning Pub League or General Association inquiries.