The Board

The Board of Directors :: The ABASA Board of Directors is made up of ABASA players who volunteer their time to make the Association a more organized, efficient and community based home for all adults in the Asheville-Buncombe county area. Meetings are held every month, with minutes recorded, topics tackled and problems solved. With each member holding their own title and skill set, they work together as a team to provide a safe, affordable and legit landscape for every soccer player to continue to play the beautiful game, no matter age, skill or schedule.

Board members serve for 2 year periods, but may remain on if they are elected again by the other Board members and no other ABASA player voices an interest to join the Board.

President // Player’s Relations and Referee Liaison – Felice Bell

Vice President // Over 50 League Rep – Eric Robinson

Outgoing President // Pub League Rep – Jono Starr

Secretary – Lydia Vandenbergh

Treasurer – Adam Scherm

Legal Counsel – Jorge Redmond

State Liaison Commissioner – Alex Vidaurri

Website Support – Ray Nightingale

Open League Rep – Nate Le Maire

Open League Rep – Jack Wedthoff

Over 40 League Rep – Dirk South

Over 40 League Rep – Brandon Blissett

Women’s League Rep – Madhu Schmid

Coed League Rep – Matt Friedman

Coed League Rep – Maddy Reed

(Board Affiliate) Community and Player Relations – Karla Jae Furnari