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This Week's Matches

Sunday, April 19 2015

MEMS09:00 amOpen- 3D- Wizards Orange-Open- 3D- Veracruz
JBL109:00 amOpen- 4D- Oskar Blues FC-Open- 4D- RISC Networks
MEMS11:00 amOpen- 2D- Green Man Brewery-Open- 2D- Watershed White
MEMS01:00 pmOpen- 2D- Bywater IV FC-Open- 2D- Smush White
JBL301:00 pmOpen- 2D- SFC Curate Forest-Open- 2D- Spoccer Sentinels
JBL201:00 pmOpen- 4D - Watershed FC- Dark City-Open- 4D - Asheville United FC
JB4A02:30 pmWomen - Hi-Wire Wizards-Women- Root Bar FC
JBL103:00 pmOpen- 4D- Buxton Street Brewers-Open- 4D- Wizards Maroon
JBL203:00 pmOpen- 4D- Manchester-Open- 4D- Smush Blue
JB4B04:00 pmWomen- Green Man Growlers-Women- Bees Knees
JBL105:00 pmOpen- 3D- Spoccer United-Open- 3D- Barleys FC
JBL205:00 pmOpen- 3D- Bier Garden Strikers-Open- 3D- Wizards Elsewhere
JBL305:00 pmOpen- 4D- Stumptown FC-Open- 4D- Spoccer Sultans
JB4A05:30 pmWomen- Bier Garden Strikers FC-Women- Universal Joint
JB4B05:30 pmWomen - Spoccer Sirens-Women- Smush FC
JBL107:00 pmOpen- 1D- Bywater V FC-Open- 1D- Wizards FC
JBL207:00 pmOpen- 1D - PMC-Open- 1D- Wizards Blue
JBL307:00 pmOpen- D1 - Smush FC Red-Open- 1D- Watershed FC
JBL407:00 pmOpen- 3D- Watershed FC-Azul-Open- 3D- Roadrunners FC

Monday, April 20 2015

MEMA07:00 pmCoed- 2D- WALK Lite-Coed- 2D- Watershed FC-Dark City
MEMB07:00 pmCoed- 2D- Joga Bonito-Coed- 2D- Bier Garden FC
MEMA08:30 pmCoed- 2D- Hellbenders-Coed- 2D- Watershed FC-Dark City
MEMB08:30 pmO40- 1D- Fusion-O40- 1D- Watershed Gold

Tuesday, April 21 2015

JB1A08:00 pmO40- 1D- Rangers FC-O40- 1D- LA Union
JB1B08:00 pmO40- 1D- Fusion-O40- 1D- Watershed Gold
JB2A08:00 pmO40- 1D- Bywater-O40- 1D- Smush FC
JB2B08:00 pmO40- 2D- Spoccer Mutts-O40- 2D- Blue Ridge United
JB3A08:00 pmO40- 2D Watershed -O40- 2D- Watershed FC- Dark City
JB3B08:00 pmO40- 2D- RFC Respiratory Distress-O40- 2D- Spoccer FC: FOOT RX
JB4A09:00 pmO40- 2D- Wizards Silver-O40- 2D- Galaxy

Friday, April 24 2015

MEMA07:00 pmCOED 3rd Division Team-COED 3rd Division Team
JB1A08:00 pmCoed- 1D- Town Pump FC-Coed- 1D- Spoccer FC: Foot Rx FC
JB1B08:00 pmCoed- 1D- Root Bar-Coed- 1D- Frienemies
JB2A08:00 pmCoed- 1D- WALK FC-Coed- 1D- Azteca
JB2B08:00 pmCOED 2nd Division Team-COED 2nd Division Team
JB3A08:00 pmCOED 2nd Division Team-COED 2nd Division Team
JB3B08:00 pmCOED 2nd Division Team-COED 2nd Division Team
JB4A08:00 pmCOED 2nd Division Team-COED 2nd Division Team
JB4B08:00 pmCOED 3rd Division Team-COED 3rd Division Team
MEMB08:00 pmCOED 3rd Division Team-COED 3rd Division Team
MEMA08:30 pmCOED 3rd Division Team-COED 3rd Division Team


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ABASA Newsletter


Spring 2015 Registration is now LIVE!



  1. Players are to register individually and request their team by name.
  2. Any player that would like to participate and does not have a team, should sign up and choose: "Do not have a team". You must have permission from a captain to sign up for a team.
  3. Players MUST register themselves in order to complete the waiver of liability and may not be registered by a team captain or another player.
  4. Players can not register for multiple divisions in a league.

Please keep checking this web site and your email for more information as it is available. We are looking forward to another great season of soccer!

Important Dates:

  • $10 Early regstration discount until February 6th
  • Regular registration fee bigns February 7th
  • Mid-Season Discount begins April 3rd
  • Registration closes May 1st, 5:00 pm
  • Season begins the week of February 15th

**Any manager or captain who already has a team formed, must contact Josh Jackson via email to confirm the team name, placement, and attach roster if available.